Kinesiology Taping


Kinesiology taping is a technique that involves the application of a special elastic tape onto the skin to provide support, stability, and therapeutic benefits to muscles, joints, and other soft tissues.

The tape is designed to mimic the properties of human skin in terms of elasticity and thickness and help:

- Support muscle and joints
- Reduce pain and inflammation
- Improve performance and recovery
- Correct postural alignment

What's involved?

This includes a subjective assessment through conversation and a physical examination to evaluate posture, range of motion, muscle imbalances, and areas of pain or tenderness.

The assessment helps the therapist understand the client's needs, identify areas of focus, and develop a personalised treatment plan.


Based on the assessment findings, a tailored program will be created to address your individual needs, lifestyle, and fitness objectives. This program will include a hands-on massage and a home management plan to:

- Reduce pain
- Improved range of motion
- Increase strength
- Enhance functional mobility

Health conditions treated


Pregnancy pains


Postural imbalance


MSK Injury


Rehabilitation (injury recovery)


Maintenance (for injury prevention)


The treatment plan will be designed according to your specific goals, lifestyle, and exercise preferences, whether you are an athlete or just starting a fitness routine. We will also take into consideration your desires and requirements.

Pain relief
Functional improvement
Prevention of recurrence
Personalised treatment plans
Education and self-management

Time to start feeling some relief?

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What my patients are saying...

I create a warm & welcoming atmosphere in my practice with genuine care for my patient’s problems. I want to get you the best results possible, as quickly as possible.


How do I get kinesiology taping treatment from Ellie?

Kinesiology taping is available as part of another treatment or on its own following an initial telephone appointment with Ellie. Prices are typically £5 for knee, wrist, shoulder and elbow joints and £10 for larger regions such as lower back.