Pregnancy MOT Assessment


To assess and enhance the musculoskeletal and physical well-being of expectant mothers. This includes addressing posture, muscle strength, pain management, pelvic floor health and providing individualised guidance to promote a healthy and comfortable pregnancy.

What's involved?

The duration of the postnatal assessment is one hour. This includes evaluating posture and alignment to address changes in the body, assessing muscular strength with a focus on the pelvic floor and core muscles and providing targeted exercises to address imbalance.

Ellie guides the mother in managing and alleviating pregnancy-related discomfort, such as lower back pain, and offers preventive measures through tailored exercises and education on optimal body mechanics.

Special attention is given to pelvic floor health, promoting strength and flexibility for labour and postpartum recovery. The advice provided is individualised, recognising the unique needs of each pregnancy, with the overall goal of supporting a comfortable pregnancy.


It is a comprehensive antenatal examination that focuses on evaluating the condition of the pelvic floor (both internal and external), pelvic alignment and musculoskeletal health.

Health conditions treated


Pelvic girdle pain & floor dysfunction


Diastasis Recti


Lower back pain & sciatica


Postural changes


Caesarean section recovery


If you are experiencing any back, pelvic pain, or other joint and muscular issues, we will discuss suitable treatment options to manage and alleviate them. The treatment plan will be designed according to your specific goals, lifestyle, and exercise preferences, whether you are an athlete or just starting a fitness routine. We will also take into consideration your desires and requirements.

Enhanced comfort
Education & empowerment
Individualised approach
Pelvic floor strength
Preventative care
Optimised physical health
Effective pain management

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I create a warm & welcoming atmosphere in my practice with genuine care for my patient’s problems. I want to get you the best results possible, as quickly as possible.


What makes me eligible for a Pregnancy MOT assessment?

If you are currently pregnancy pregnant while experiencing symptoms. A pregnancy MOT incudes addressing posture, muscle strength, pain management, pelvic floor health and providing individualised guidance to promote a health and comfortable pregnancy.